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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Local trans planning: get involved & be heard

MACORTS, the regional transportation coordination body, is currently updating its Long Range Transportation Plan.

It's a little difficult to find on the MACORTS main page, but the presentation given by the consultants who are handling the model for the LRTP is now online. The model is a representation, based on traffic conditions and socio-economic data, of the geographic distribution of traffic in the Athens region.

Here's the direct link to the model.

On the plus side, they've included public transit for the first time ever, so we may get a more accurate picture when we look at Athens Transit and UGA Campus Transit as part of the network. However, the 2035 projection was based on current ridership - today's raw numbers, not percentages - so with the projected 50% MACORTS-wide population growth and 47% UGA enrollment jump, this obviously needs some adjusting.

Stay tuned for information on how you can submit formal comments on the LRTP.

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