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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Days of our lives

Big shocker: AJC reports on the powerful influence wealthy patrons exert on the selection process for transportation projects in GA.

The recently passed House version of the TSPLOST bill includes an
unprecedented list of specific projects, several of which are directly linked to generous donors. These projects were included by House Transportation committee chairman Rep. Vance Smith, who, we learn from this March 4th articlein the Gainesville Times, was passed over for the chief position at GDOT. Gena Evans was picked instead.

His supporter for that position was House Speaker Glenn Richardson. Richardson, as you may recall, is an ardent supporter of "the creation of a State Transportation Authority, which would effectively render the [GDOT] transportation board powerless." His likely pick for the head of the STA: Vance Smith.

Keep in mind this is all happening against the backdrop of Gena Evans' somewhat saucy adventures as GDOT director. Our state's transportation "leaders" belong on daytime television.

Opponents of the STA proposal (like me), believe this new body will increase the porcine nature of transportation planning and decision making in the state. The system will become even more pay-to-play than it already is.

Read the whole AJC piece. Marvel at the awful predictability of it all.

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