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Friday, February 1, 2008

"Global warming real"

From a story in today's ABH:

Devastating forest fires. Atlanta as hot as Houston. Permanent drought.
Those are a few of the effects of global warming Georgians will feel if the United States doesn't act fast to slow down the carbon emissions that heat up the globe's climate, University of Georgia ecologist James Porter said Thursday.
"These things are coming. These things are coming fast," said Porter, one of the key speakers at the Athens session of Focus the Nation, a nationwide teach-in on global warming held at UGA and about 1,000 other U.S. colleges and schools Thursday. "This is physics. This is not politics."


Just practicing energy conservation would cut U.S. energy consumption by 25 percent, he said. Fuel-efficient cars, more public transportation, full recycling, family planning to curtail population growth and more energy-efficient food production also are important, he said.
I would add that development and zoning practices that encourage density are equally important. Walk-able, bike-able communities, dotted with parks, are not only more pleasant, but certainly more sane, considering the climactic prognosis. Plus, this type of dense development is far more amenable to effective public transit.