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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stimulus bill details slowly emerge

The AJC reports on announcements made by Gov. Perdue:
Gov. Sonny Perdue told state lawmakers Tuesday that he will propose an “aggressive” package of borrowing to build schools, libraries, roads and other facilities to help stimulate Georgia’s struggling economy.

President-elect Barack Obama has already said he wants Congress to pass a stimulus package to help pay for infrastructure improvements across the country.

Perdue said he’s not preparing his budget plan —- which will be released in mid-January —- with the idea of getting extra federal funding. However, if the federal government sends stimulus money, Perdue said, the state will have projects ready to go.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials reported in October that 3,100 projects totalling more than $18 billion could begin within 90 days with federal funding, and listed Georgia as having $397 million of those projects. Georgia Transportation Commissioner Gena Evans said that the state could have $1 billion worth of projects ready to go in 180 days, as long as the federal government could waive some regulatory requirements and spare the state from coming up with matching funds.

Perdue will make his proposal to lawmakers when they convene for the 2009 session Jan. 12. The House and Senate will then likely add projects to the package.

Before January 12th, tell your state reps & senators to fund more than highway expansion and interstate construction!

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