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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The bailout: Athens area projects announced

The Athens-Clarke County government has unveiled its list of "ready to go" projects, should Congress pass Barack Obama's proposed bailout plan for national infrastructure:
Athens-Clarke County Manager Alan Reddish said, "This would provide the types of jobs and infrastructure we need in this community and this country." 
Reddish gave the mayors' group a list of 14 projects that are already on the county's books but, in many cases, lack funding. They would cost a total of $23.5 million and create 307 jobs, mostly in construction, he said. The projects include:"Those are projects we think are ready to go within 90 days," Reddish said.
I'm definitely happy to hear that Athens Transit will benefit from these funds if the bailout bill passes, but how long will the funds carry "more frequent" service? Will Athens enjoy a spike in bus availability, only to revert to the current level of service when the bailout funds run dry?

For the first two projects above, how will the intersection be reconfigured and what will be fixed exactly? Will either project incorporate accessibility and safety for transit users, cyclists and pedestrians? Hopefully, more detail will emerge on these projects.

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