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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Losing our chance for TSPLOST again?!

The AJC reports:

"Legislators still split on transportation tax"
Prospects for a new sales tax to pay for roads, bridges, rail and other transportation improvements have hit a barrier as the legislative session nears an end.

The Senate on Monday passed its version of an optional transportation sales tax — for the second time.

The Senate and House disagree on how to set up a new penny sales tax for transportation.

The Senate supports a regional tax, where groups of counties — including the Atlanta area — could band together to tax themselves for local projects, thus giving more local control over transportation dollars. The House supports a statewide tax because roads do not end at the county line.

The Senate on Monday approved a gutted version of the House transportation measure. The substance of House Resolution 206 had been replaced with the Senate’s original vision for a regional sales tax.

Because the Senate has not budged from its position, the two chambers would have to agree on a compromise in the last five days of the session, or the prospect of a transportation tax would die for now.

Oh come on! Not again!

Please contact your state representative and senator, and urge them to find a workable compromise on this deal. Georgia cannot wait any longer to tackle its haywire transportation system.

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