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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More follow up on TSPLOST debacle

From Atlanta's Creative Loafing:

Do-nothing Legislature: Lack of action leaves Atlanta in gridlock

Senate Resolution 845 – the constitutional amendment that would've allowed counties in metro areas to join together to levy a one-cent sales tax for transportation projects – had the support. More than 50 stakeholders, including business leaders, environmental groups and public-transit advocates were on board. The road builders saw a hefty chunk of change and grinned. It even had language that would've raised money by shifting a penny from the gasoline tax and raising nearly $180 million without a tax increase. If legislation were a song, then SR 845 would be "We Are The World."
The transportation bill seemed doomed as soon as Gov. Sonny Perdue came out against the proposed constitutional amendment, and also promised to campaign against it if it went on the ballot in November.
"Unfortunately, the leadership in this state has not stressed transportation at all," [president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Sam] Williams says. "We've been talking about this for the past six years. Every time we try to do something, we are told, 'Wait another year, wait another year.' People are fed up and we should let our elected officials know in the loudest voice possible."

Full article here.

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