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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ladies Night: Halloween Witch Ride

from Red & Black:
On Halloween, a night where downtown will be crowded with people in costumes, anything can happen.

Maybe witches will take downtown by storm on bikes. Actually, scratch the maybe.

Liz Kinnamon, a senior from St. Simons Island, and Avery White, a senior from Atlanta, co-founded The Witch Ride.

"The Witch Ride is an all-girls bike ride set for Halloween," Kinnamon said. "Historically, women have been called 'witches' for a variety of different reasons, so a 'witch' could simply be an empowered, strong woman, or it could define a woman thought to practice black magic."

Kinnamon and White said they thought of this idea last month and put it into effect by getting the word out through a Facebook group "Witch Ride" and putting flyers downtown and on campus.

"We thought it was humorous and a good chance to create solidarity between women," Kinnamon said. "There's something about an all girl environment that feels unifying and fun."

There are already 30 people attending, according to the Facebook event.

The event is free and anyone can attend. The bike ride starts at 6:30 p.m. at the intersection of Prince Avenue and Pulaski Street.

"Often times, it's clear what demographic an event speaks to, but this event is for every woman who wants to come. Bring your friends and a witchy costume," Kinnamon said.

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