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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Athens Transit Services news

I attended the Citizens Advisory Committee for Athens Transit this past Monday and learned about a slew of technological improvements to transit service that should be up and running very soon (if they aren't already). Enhancements include:

1. Computer-aided dispatch systems

2. Buses and the Multi-Modal Transit Center are outfitted with scrolling digital signs. Signs on buses indicate the time and the next approaching stop. These are augmented by audio announcements, which kick in ~100' from major stops (e.g. Prince Ave @ Milledge Ave). The signage at MMTC will display real-time ETAs on buses at the arrival bays.

3. A web-based system will soon be available, allowing ATS staff & riders to see the location & ETA of their bus as it travels its route. The combination of this feature with item 1 will result in much more timely bus arrival at route stops.

4. In partnership with BikeAthens, ATS will also be online with Google Transit, joining a handful of cities utilizing this extremely useful trip-planning application. ATS predicts that this will go live within six weeks.

Exciting developments! Stay tuned...I'll post updates on this as it becomes available.

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