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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Urgent! Tell the Commission to support expanded transit services

BikeAthens & transit supporters:

The ACC Mayor & Commission is currently deliberating next year's budget. To ensure that essential services are provided, the Mayor has requested a small property tax increase- the first in many years.

Several commissioners, however, have made it clear they will not support a very modest tax increase in this year's budget. The proposed 1/2 mill increase will provide approximately $1.75 million. For property owners, the increase amounts to about $25 on property assessed at $150,000.
The easy way to cut out $1.75 million is to slash large items or anything that is 'new' or 'expanded.' ACC staff have proposed the following be eliminated to avoid a property tax adjustment:

Transit expansion - two lines every 30 minutes: Broad Street and College Station Road ($192,500 + support staff additions)

If you care about Athens' quality of life and about the need for equitable transportation choices in our community, contact your commissioners.

Send them an email, a letter, or make a call.

Better still, go to ACC budget hearings this Thursday, May 15 at 5:30pm and next Thursday, May 22 at 6:45pm (see today's ABH editorial).

DON'T wait!
The budget meeting on Thursday will decide what will remain and what will be cut!

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