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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ABH: "Three-lane plans to be discussed"

From the Banner-Herald:

The county Transportation and Public Works Department has scheduled a public hearing later this month to talk about repaving Cedar Shoals Drive and North Avenue. Part of the discussion will focus on whether to change those roads' configurations to three lanes.

North Avenue, a commercial corridor that's the busier of the two, now is five lanes and probably less likely to change.

"We have growth going on in that area, which means we're bringing automobiles into the community," said Commissioner Harry Sims, who represents the area. "The way it's set up now, we can move people into Athens and move them out."

On Cedar Shoals Drive, a mix of homes and businesses where traffic is lighter, there may be more opportunity for improvement.

County government policy calls for commissioners to consider whether to restripe wide roads to three lanes - two travel lanes, a center turn lane and often bicycle lanes and sidewalks - whenever those roads are repaved, usually about once a decade. Traffic experts say three-lane roads usually are safer than four lanes because they prevent accidents while cars are turning left, but in some cases, drivers complain about bottlenecks.

For anyone who wasn't around for the tragic Prince debacle, this 3-laning discussion will prompt some unfortunate ugliness. Restriping has worked beautifully on Baxter and Lumpkin, making both roads much safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and cars.

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