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Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Commission wants more than just a parking deck"

As do all the citizens who care about keeping Athens from becoming (more of) a car-dependent, sprawling mess.

Full story from ABH here.

Commissioners said they view the deck as their lasting contribution to downtown and want to make sure they get it right.
Thank you, and amen to that!

A larger retail space could help draw a grocery store such as Whole Foods to the deck, Athens Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Kathryn Lookofsky said.
Heck yeah! A grocery store is exactly what downtown needs to round out its rapidly growing residential nature (Full disclosure: I live downtown, and I salivate at the prospect of a Whole Foods within walking distance).

Here's to the M&C taking a careful, long-range approach to this project.

I hope they make sure this addition to a central intersection downtown is more than just a place to funnel cars. How about a bus stop incorporated into the design as well? Ever since the MMTC opened, there are fewer opportunities to be dropped off downtown by city bus. Downtown is the destination for many, so let's integrate transit into downtown streets!


Jmac said...

Welcome to the Athenian blogosphere folks.

I've always felt that it would be nice to see the MMTC lure, say, Greyhound to there location. A private, long-distance transportation offering there would make a fully functioning transportation center.

And it would also free up a quality piece of property for redevelopment.

brent said...

good point. actually, athens transit tried very hard to bring southeastern stages to the MMTC, but SS didn't want to be a part of it. go figure.